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The Shaman

The Silence Spoke

Ümlaut: Vasco da Gama
New Album Out Now
on Carpe Somun Records.

Vasco da Gama is the debut release by Jeff Düngfelder aka Ümlaut. It is music of exploratory thought, influenced by his multicultural neighborhood in Queens, New York City. Born of an ever expanding inner journey, mystery and chance mixed with dissonance, memory and imperfection carve a singular path throughout his songs. Using computer-as-instrument, and patching together fragments of sounds, textures and a warm palette of noise, a richly layered experience initiates a journey to an unknown. An amalgam of found acoustics tweaks the listener’s imagination, opening it to reflection and discovery. Careful and deliberate manipulation of sound seamlessly juxtaposes the digital world with field recordings merging the universal with the personal. Thinking becomes the means of travel.

They Dream Their Sleep




Junio Es Casi Aquí

In This World Of Suchness

Through Your Hand(s)

The Great Way is not difficult