Here are a few albums that I am currently listening to in the Electronic, Ambient, Minimal, and Modern Classical styles.

Fabio Perletta – Ichinen (2017 Line)

Fabio Perletta creates immersive auditory fields that engage auditors to experience intimate and meditative states, using the sound as a vehicle for conceptual investigation and sensorial stimulation. Crossing the boundaries between pure electronics and musique concrète, his research is marked by a deep attention to details and use of silence and near-inaudible sounds. From recorded compositions and sound diffusions to architectural interventions and installations, Perletta’s work ranges widely, often referencing seemingly different yet complementary terrains such as Zen aesthetics and quantum physics.

UnicaZürn – Transpandorem (2017 Touch)

UnicaZürn build their long, ceaselessly evolving musical compositions through a process of improvisation followed by careful editing and processing. Their music, drawn from subconscious associations while recording, is frequently aquatic or oceanic in overall mood and texture. Knight has spent most of his life living on the banks of the Thames while Thrower resides on the East Sussex coast, and their musical flights of imagination tend toward rolling river dynamics and the open seas of synthesised sound.

Autistici & Justin Varis – Nine (2016 Eilean)

Autistici is David Newman a sound artist based in Sheffield, UK and Justin Varis is a sound artist based in Los Angeles, USA. Both have released music on various labels worldwide, including David’s Audiobulb Records imprint , and some established labels such as 12K, Home Normal, Hibernate or Dronarivm. Their sound is often described as electronic, electro-acoustic, microsound, ambient, musique concrete or experimental. They present on eilean rec. their first collaborative release, a dense and abstract opus which can be experienced in a lot of ways, feelings and melodies. a wonderful work, which is completed by a second release, some remixes from eight music artists close to their universe, including : Christopher Hipgrave, Isnaj Dui, Letters! On Sounds, Marcus Fischer, Monty Adkins, Offthesky, Pillowdiver, Wil Bolton.

Taylor Deupree – Somi (2017 12k)

Made with a small number of instruments (electric piano, glockenspiel, DX7, handheld cassette recorder) Deupree originally set out to create a follow-up to his classic album Stil.. Steeped in subtle repetition and soft electronic sound, Stil. explored themes of time and change. However, Stil. was created with purely electronic means – software synthesizers and looping algorithms which explored the then-novel frontier of DSP based “microsound.” With a strong desire to bring the aesthetics of Stil. to his current way of working Deupree used no software or automatic looping, instead opting for the imperfections of creating “loops” by hand. The result is warm and quietly decayed work of spare, discreet tones and dozens of interwoven slow polyrhythms that create repetitions that constantly fall apart and shuffle themselves back together. Wrapped up warmly in the sonics of cassette players and cheap built-in speakers, Somi’s dusty melodies sit quietly, but uneasily, and question the passing of time and present one of Deupree’s most alluring albums to date.

Matteo Uggeri & Maurizio Abate – Beyond Time (2016 Time Released Sound)

A exceedingly pastoral and evocative November release from Italian artists’ Maurizio Abate and Matteo Uggeri. This collaborative release is an electronically treated, guitar centric affair that incorporates field recordings, voiceovers and a general neofolk ambiance that takes you back beyond simpler times to a simple place from whence we all came. Mysteriously elegant beauty with a particular Italianate feel, and a timeless love of the artist’s pasts and history with all it’s nostalgic appeal and overwhelming memories.

William Basinski – A Shadow in Time (2017 Temporary Residence Limited)

Formed of two extended compositions, the album has origins in the performances of the same name Basinski gave throughout 2016 and finds him exploring themes of fatality through the decaying medium of his trusty reel to reel players. The title track finds Basinski again working with his unwieldy Voyetra 8 – a synth he last used on his 2001 LP Watermusic – on a composition dedicated to a friend who took their own life. A year in making before debuting at London’s Union Chapel in February last year, the 23-minute A Shadow Of Time recalls the best moments of The Disintegration Loops, as Basinski wrings out a captivating assemblage of plaintive drones and exquisite melodies. Face down, For David Robert Jones is obviously a eulogy to the Thin White Duke and was originally commissioned for a performance at LA gallery Volume in the weeks following Bowie’s passing. Here Basinski cannily incorporates some ancient tapes loops chewed up by his “roommate’s cat in New York, this big fat motherfxcker,” with elements of Bowie’s work including his saxophone playing from Low closer Subterraneans.

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“My interest in making music has been to create something that does not exist that I would like to listen to. I wanted to hear music that had not yet happened, by putting together things that suggested a new thing which did not yet exist.”

― Brian Eno